The increase in the amount of food consumption in our country and in the world and the decrease in the areas suitable for food production increase the importance of food for humanity. BBS A.Ş. attaches great importance to the food sector and carries out its work in this respect.

In this direction, production controls and hygiene inspections are made by our expert food engineers from tar to final consumer, and certification services are provided according to all international food standards. Within the scope of Food Safety and Hygiene Control BBS A.Ş. provides service to

- Retail Stores,

- Shopping Centers,

- Hotel & Similar Social Facilities,

- Restaurant & Café Chains,

- Food Depots,

- Food Chain Offices.

In addition, Supplier Inspection Service is provided for all food and food chain operations. And our Supplier Audit Service provides support for supplier selection and supplier improvement issues.

Why Food Safety & Hygiene Control?

With Food Safety & Hygiene Control;

- See your missing and wrong sides through an objective and expert eye,

- Provide continuous improvement by taking the necessary precautions,

- Comply with legal and regulatory requirements,

- Raise the image of your company by being supervised by an impartial institution,

- Obtain actual analysis results from food, water and swab analyzes we have done in our accredited laboratories,

- Identify the development of your firm according to actual data, analysis and audit reports.

How Do We Audit?

Hygiene Controls are made by our expert food engineers with the help of tablet-pc and photograph. Upon completion of the audit, our customers can log on to the system via the internet, view the audit results via their own username and password, and create unit and question based statistical results and data analysis for all audits.

We complete the Food Safety and Hygiene Controls with the food, water and swab analysis made in our accredited laboratories. According to the analysis results obtained at this point, firms can initiate corrective and preventive actions if necessary.